Mission Statement

The A-1 Petroleum Inc. and associated companies have been trusted partners for the supply of aviation fuel and its additives for many years. Our slimline and dynamic organization allows a smooth and quick delivery of a wide range of aviation fuels throughout Europe. Our satisfied clients include both airlines and international airports, as well as regional airfields. Individual product and delivery solutions are part of our daily business. According to our mission statement we attach high importance to:

Efficiency & Competency
Quality & Individuality
Security & Reliability

The A-1 Petroleum is your reliable partner in all aspects of the supply of aircraft fuel.

A-1 Petroleum Europe is acting in close cooperation with Security Pacific Oil & Petroleum. Security Pacific Oil & Petroleum (SPOP) is a wholly owned subsidiary of A-1 Petroleum Europe Pty Ltd (Australia). SPOP was established in 1996 and it is a business consulting and trading in crude oil and petroleum products. SPOP specialises in commodities contract construction and consulting on documentary credits for the energy sector. The Chairman of both A-1 Petroleum Europe and SPOP is Mr. Hassan Hassan and the Head of International Operations for SPOP business is Dr. Peter Morris.